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Aug 13, 2021, 10:59:03 AMAug 13
to Miniscope
Hi all,

I am using the new Miniscope DAQ software and triggering recording externally. What exactly is the negative timestamp for frame Number 0 in the .csv timestamp file? This is different from the old software. 

Thanks a lot!

Philip Vassilev

Aug 13, 2021, 11:21:32 AMAug 13
to LIM SWC, Miniscope
Hi there,

From the moment it's plugged in, the DAQ is acquiring a frame every ~50 or ~33 ms (depending on the acquisition rate you've set), and this is happening even if you are not saving these frames on the PC (i.e. "recording"). So, when you click "record", or trigger recording externally, that moment will likely fall somewhere in the middle of the ~50 to ~33ms period. So, the software will register the last frame acquired before you started recording as frame 0 at time which is a negative number because it represents the time before the beginning of the recording session. The first "recorded" frame will be frame 1 at the positive amount of time since the beginning of the recording session.

My answer is based on what I understood from an answer to a similar question some time ago, if someone wants to correct me please go ahead.

So, you can ignore frame 0 with the negative timestamp for analysis purposes.


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Daniel Aharoni

Aug 16, 2021, 2:57:09 PMAug 16
to Miniscope
Hi Elena,
PV is exactly correct here. Time stamps are corrected starting the moment a device connects through the software. When you start recording, the time stamps get logged into the timestamp CSV file and are relative to the time when the software received the record-start signal. This means frame 0 generally was acquired right before the record-start signal but was still in the buffer of frames since the next frame hadn't arrived yet.

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