Coupling GRIN lenses for longer length?

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Charles Warwick

Nov 29, 2022, 5:02:28 PM11/29/22
to Miniscope
Hi all,

Reading through a bunch of information on the wiki and so far the main application I'm trying to figure out is potentially needing to image further than the 4-5mm of the suggested GRIN lenses. As I understand it, GRIN lenses are, practically speaking, a type of relay lens so would it be possible to just make a coupler and align multiple GRIN lenses to extend the length? I couldn't find a source for any GRIN lenses longer than the suggested 4-5mm lenses. 

As for my actual use, it's an ex vivo preparation where I want to image multiple locations (and I can't fit multiple traditional epi objectives side by side) which I'd like to use a miniscope camera so I can avoid physical occlusion, but it requires a bit more distance than 4mm to make it feasible.

I'm aware this is outside the typical use case, but given the low cost compared to commercial solutions I'm happy to do some fiddly assembly and testing. 


Eric Melonakos

Nov 29, 2022, 9:48:38 PM11/29/22
to Miniscope

You could try coupling the relay lenses, but Inscopix has several GRIN lens length options longer than 4-5 mm that may make things easier for your setup. See attached; all of the listed lenses work with the v4 Miniscope.

Best of luck,


2020_Naked Lens Spec Sheet.pdf

Charles Warwick

Dec 1, 2022, 11:57:34 AM12/1/22
to Miniscope
That was exactly the document I was hoping to find, thanks! I wish their website was easier to find things on.
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