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Nov 9, 2022, 6:46:55 AM11/9/22
to Miniscope
Hello to everyone,

We are currently starting to use the pre-assambled Miniscope_V4 and we are running into some problems, since we are incapable of retrieving any image from the miniscope.

We have updated the firmware of the V3.3 DAQ box successfully, and installed the software on the computer. The DAQ box is identified as "MINISCOPE" by Windows' device manager.

When plug to an USB 3.0, only two of the LED on the DAQ box are turning on (Scope Power and DAQ Power), but Data Link remains off. We also can't see any light through the miniscope, nor the red LED on top of it. We have tested that the coax cable is properly plug and receives 5.0 V.

When turning on the software, we have selected the proper ID for the miniscope (turned out to be 0), but it displays the following messages in a loop: "miniscope Connected", "miniscope retrieve frame failed, attempting to reconnect", "miniscope reconnected". But still, we are not able to see any signal or light coming from it, nor the red LED turns on.

Also, when we proceed the same way, without having connected the DAQ box to the computer, the error message is: "failed to capture the frame".

Is there any more testing that we can try? Could it be a hardware issue with the miniscope itself?

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