Reusing prism lenses

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Ariel Burman

Jul 15, 2021, 9:50:31 AMJul 15
to Miniscope
Hi everyone.

I was wondering if anyone has experience with prism lenses.
We got some prism lenses from gofoton and we are testing them, but once we finished using them it would be good if we can recover them and to do that we usually immerse the lenses (with all the residues around and the baseplate) into acetone.
For these prism lenses, where the prism is glued to the lens, I'm worried that the prism is going to get loose and fall.
The manufacturer does not recommend to put them in acetone (or reuse it at all) so I would like to know if anyone has done this, how they do it and which results have they obtained.

Thank you

Ariel Burman

Daniel Aharoni

Jul 15, 2021, 3:24:25 PMJul 15
to Miniscope
Hi Ariel,
We haven't tried this ourselves but most likely the prism in glued to the lens using some sort of optical glue and in our experience, acetone (and even alcohol) eats through optical glue very easily. Would it be possible to apply a very thing layer of chemically resistant epoxy around the prims/lens interface?

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