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Ella Hanzin

Nov 27, 2022, 6:52:37 AM11/27/22
to Miniscope
Hey everyone,

I received a  pre-assambled Miniscope and having a hard time getting an image from the miniscope. I see that the DAQ Software doesn't identify the miniscope.

I thought it might be because of how the DAQ PCB is programmed, so I've been following this tutorial that explains how to programmed DAQ PCB

My problem is that the tutorial shows what to do when " 'Cypress USB Boot Loarder' does not show up " , but I can't follow the instructions because the DAQ box is identified as "MINISCOPE" by Windows' device manager therefor I can't  'Update Driver'  to an unidentified device because the device is identified.

Can someone explain why the DAQ Software doesn't identify the miniscope? is it really because how the DAQ PCB is programmed? I just cant get an image from the miniscope and I don't know why.



Nov 27, 2022, 10:03:00 AM11/27/22
to Ella Hanzin, Miniscope
I generally think this is an issue with the USB 3 connection. I have multiple miniscopes and multiple computers and there are simply some computers that the miniscope doesn't work with - meaning you never get an image. Usually that is an issue with the onboard USB connections. I have much better luck using dedicated USB 3 cards. I would check that first.
Good luck, Darcy

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Ella Hanzin

Dec 1, 2022, 4:45:29 AM12/1/22
to Miniscope
thank you Darcy that was real helpful!
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