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Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force

Jan 12, 2021, 4:40:46 PMJan 12
to Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force
Hey all, 

For those testing you may have noticed the custom servers DM server was coming and going. We found a configuration issue and we have since tested it. We need your help. We are continuing to test in production now, but if you can squeeze in a couple DM games on custom into your play rotation we would greatly appreciate it. Once we get enough plays we will have enough confidence built up we can start doing more to get to the next phase. There have been some substantial tweaks under the hood. We're looking for out of the ordinary behaviors on custom. The last 15 hours we've had a configuration issue and no rooms showing up. That's the kind of thing we want to know about.

Thank you all for who reported those situations.

Todays testing I wanted to point out a tester that really has been going above and beyond for Chad and I. He goes by King DA2 (Manzoor). Thank you for fighting the good fight with us. We really appreciate your eagerness to support. Check out his channel. He posted some audio for me where I talk about the phases we're going through. With any luck I will have the time, weather, and clear mind to make more audio to share. Maybe no one wants to know what's happening under the hood like that and what phase were on (the long tail of phase 0... still... if you were curious.)

Today was tough. We're still fighting though. Thank you all. Please enjoy the fruits that's phase 0 has given us. We'll do our best to remain stable, but until beta we're gonna see a lot more days like this I bet, maybe not, maybe we just knock it out of the park from here on out... (unlikely the latter ;D) but we will keep fighting.

I thank you all for your patience! Today in particular. I know hundreds of you started rooms and nothing worked right ( I guess you could play outpost and that was it, with no chance of configuring the room... :P some enjoyed that probably.)

(Hunter and Chad)
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