MMC Dev Notes: From the Trenches [v.0.1.5 (Google Play) release announcement (Phase 2 testing; Phase 3 dev begun)]

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Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force

May 7, 2021, 5:35:32 PM5/7/21
to Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force
Dev Notes: From the Trenches
MMC v.0.1.5 (Google Play) release announcement (Phase 2 testing; Phase 3 dev begun)

  • v0.1.5 Release Notes: This is the last of three releases we've had over a week for leaderboards.  v0.1.5 re-enabled the ability to play Wi-Fi CTF games. (Yes, we broke it. We fixed it.)  
  • Server Issues: Starting on May 5th there were lots of crashes on the Quick Play server. We did not have good logs of what was happening and have been actively investigating. On May 6th and 7th, we moved players to use the server from the US as a backup and it's not crashing. Anyone playing in Asia will see lots of lag though. We hope to have the Asia Quick Play server set up by Friday night to run over the weekend. If our fixes don't hold, the US server will pick up the load and lag may continue.  
  • Leaderboards:  Leaderboards only work in Quick Play and if you are signed in. We just finished Season 1 (it was set for 7 days) and already ran into issues. Tapping the button again puts up Season 2, but if you tap again Seasons 3-9 will throw an error. The work around right now is don't do that or kill the app and reopen it to start back at zero. Seasons are going to be talked about more in the coming weeks as we experiment with them. We will be adding more leaderboards in time. The next ones will be averages per game. But not until they know these are working. We currently have a few people not seeing themselves in the season cumulative and have to research these issues.

  • Quick Play Server Lag: As mentioned above. This is a high priority issue currently being worked on.
  • Quick Play Sign in: Only signed in users can get in the game servers on quick play. We need to change it so that anybody can get into quick play.
  • Mismatch Map Loading: Still an issue we are working on. If you discover you can reproduce this error, please email us with the steps you took to recreate the load error.  

  • We will have a new leaderboard season and board picker that will be out in the next release.  
  • The next thing we're working on is personal stats display. And saving your points so they can be spent in the new loadout screens.  
  • Roadmap Update:  We get a lot of questions about what is next. Here is a rough outline of our plan. Notice there are NO DATES other than a version date the document was last updated. If you compare this update to the last version we sent out you can see how some of the Phase 2 items have slid into Phase 3. Add in the last two weeks of updates and sever triage, this is why we can't provide exact dates for anything. Releases happen when the problems are solved and the work gets done. We just keep working until that happens and give you updates along the way.
  • Roadmap Files: Attached are updated files. The old links to the shared folder will no longer work. Here is the new shared folder link: 
We really appreciate your reports of any anomalies that you see. Whether it is game items doing strange things or people hacking the game to cheat, these reports help us to make the game better. There are some things you can do that make your reports more effective and let us take action.  Without more information these reports get filed into an "unknown issue/cause" bucket and get viewed but often we miss what you're reporting as many reports without more info end up in inaction and use up a LOT trying to just figure out what's being reported. But you can help!
  • Clear Information: Describe what you saw with as much detail as you can.  Even describing the issue in simple terms helps to make your report productive. Like "health pack sideways," or "damage didn't happen," or "can't pickup weapon" helps us categorize the issue. If there is a language barrier, use your own language that you are most comfortable with, We will find translation experts to help us. 
    • What were you expecting the item to be like, how was it different?
    • What did the hack let them do? 
    • What was the game mode?
    • Does the hack relate to a known game bug being exploited? (like flying through walls)
  • Provide Evidence: It's not always possible, but if you can provide screenshots or video that is ideal. Please don't just send the file though. Include notes about what is happening with a timestamp of the issue shown in the video and a description of the issue. When reviewing a video, knowing where to look (the time stamp) saves us considerable time in analyzing all the bug reports that are sent to us.
  • Report Global ID: For cheater reports you can now send us their Appsomniacs Global ID (shown in [brackets] next to the player name). To access the Global ID type DA2ID into the chat of a running game (not in the lobby). Take a screenshot of the scoreboard showing the players' GIDs.
  • 2021-05-07 12.08.13.png
  • 2021-05-07 12.25.37.png
  • YOU HAVE TO INPUT DA2ID IN A RUNNING GAME; NOT WHILE IN THE LOBBY (we will improve this mechanism over time. We recognize its not a great solution, but its one we have right now.)
Example of excellent reporting:
I can't praise the level of detail received in this report enough. THANK YOU!

Time stamps: (also in video description and pinned in comment section) 
00:17 mins: his health bar
(intentional suicides r just too annoying sorry for that message)
01:10 mins: i cant shoot him but can kill him with the machete
01:28 mins: proxymine shots also works
01:45 mins: i killed him with shotgun.. So i think he's using a live patcher.. As i was not able to kill him with double tec9 shots (in 0:17 mins) which are currently meta of the game. 
01:48 mins: also see his gun ammo.. There's no way he will finish the bullets that fast after respawing
02:49: his health bar... 
(sorry for that message if its rude) 
03:33: now this is just too clear.. I shot him m4 shots so much still no sign of his health bar to decrease
03:33: he also shot 8 bullets to me simultaneously with the sg.. And sg always has 5 bullets in it so clearly he also has reload hack. 
04:13: he took sniper from the spawn point.. And when i took his sniper then the ammo was very low.. He has some sort of umm.. idk. 
05:02:  ... 

I walked away from that video with confirmation SOME of our effort thwarted the hackers as designed. Why die? Because we made it so they couldn't avoid it. But we  clearly have a lot to do yet.
RoadmapSnippet_Phase3DevPartial_Screenshot 2021-05-07 133259.png
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