v0.1.7 Custom Server Test (EU:Germany's Custom Server)

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Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force

Jun 4, 2021, 7:46:53 PM6/4/21
to Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force
I hate to blast out so many emails in so few days, but it has been a VERY busy week here with deliverables landing and going out at the same time and to get the best results I have to be a bit of nag. There is a new server test starting... well a few hours ago.

We have a new server to test this weekend. It's in Europe, Germany to be exact. Please compete with as many foreign combatants as you can find!

We needed to test a new custom server and some people want to have a fairer ping time all round to settle some beefs with each other. Who are we to get in the way! We have a lot of new players... So Germany is usually a strong data center to support the world (and our online conflicts.) Americas and Asia seem to connect decently. It's better than my 300+ ping time to the Asia servers that's for sure. I feel your pain my American continent brothers and sisters. Hang in there! Regional support is a top priority for us by world launch.)

This server is managing the end of game. You won't have end of game extra kills. When the game is over it will be over over by the servers decree and the score will be set at that moment. Please go see what that feels like. We're looking for the weird stuff at games end. Be on the look out for the state of the users in the game. Did the game finish normally. Did everyone return to the lobby you would expect too (people bounce a lot so I expect some exits.) We'll be watching for crashes. If you see anything weird regarding that transition from end of game to lobby PLEASE let us know at testingfeedback [at] appsomniac.com.

Why don't we have servers everywhere? We used to have custom servers all over the place. and we will again, but we have limits we should observe during alpha and beta development. During the Alpha in particular we have a lot of new componentry to build yet. There are moving pieces in each. They also burn money to stay on, but I am less concerned about this, but its is something to consider. We are most short on time and bandwidth to solve problems so less servers lets us focus on less maintenance and support problems overall and we're not in the process of making a lot of coin atm. Ads does a little, surprisingly little, but with 2k Daily Active Users (DAU) it doesn't even come close to covering our infrastructure costs. But the main reason is more servers is lot more work to keep them all up and running. BUT WE WILL HAVE MORE IN THE END.

Unless something goes horribly wrong this update will be the last email I send for at least a week. 

Above all else have fun!

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