MMC Dev Notes: From the Trenches v.0.1.7+ (Google Play), Phase 3 (Part A) App Status 7/18/2021

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Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force

Jul 18, 2021, 5:14:17 PM7/18/21
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Dev Notes: From the Trenches
MMC v.0.1.7+ (Google Play), Phase 3 (Part A) App Status 7/18/2021

Part A Release

We are so close to putting out the Part A release. The last three days hit some really hard spots to overcome and more days to come I am sure, but we're getting there. If we can just get past a few remaining huge things, the release should go out as soon possible, which MAY sometime in the next week. As we mentioned before Part A is going to have loadouts with pre-generated options. They are not final, just ideas, and some of them aren't even very good! That's not the point of this version. That was on purpose so that we would have a range of options for testing (the good, the bad, and the ugly.) We need to prove a finite set of options are working (calculating correctly or balanced) before we open it up to all the combinations that are possible. Our current work is on making sure points are being recorded, calculated, and subtracted correctly. It is a lot of detailed adjusting. Overall the system is operational but there are a lot of possible combinations to account for. I am measuring this release in days now. Not weeks, days.

Server Update
A server release went out last week making it required to be logged in to be in Quick Play. This is not how it will be at launch. I simply don't have time to deal with players that are being disruptive and not signed in. If you cannot sign in for some reason let us know why at the testingfeedback [at] email.

LATEST NEW KNOWN ISSUE (that is causing us grief)
MOD users, you can help us a lot by adopting a convention in the game. Legitimately upset players finding themselves in MOD games and they don't want to be. To FIX THIS please name your Custom Games with a convention of adding MOD into the room name (e.g., "MOD Sniper Lobby" Failure to do so earns my ire and slows down the release as I try to find out why someone's game did what it did. Only to find out its not a bug, but a mod... -_- <-- disapproving dev eyes. Don't make our dev lives harder than they already are please.

Eventually we would like to put in some automated sorting to help with the choosing of custom games but that is far, far down on the priority list. Until then, we would like the MMC community to help out by being more clear when they name their custom games. To reiterate: Put "MOD" at the start of your room name. If you're running a mod game to play with only your friends, password protect your lobby. It's creating a lot of confusion for people and generating a LOT of complaints.

Reminder: we don't mind mods but they need to follow our guidelines to ensure fairness (to both us and other players). Here's that list again...
1) Do no harm, perceived or real, to players and Appsomniacs in ANY way.
2) Do not enable locked content. The fair exchange is that we withhold the right to make content that we sell/gate via monetization. Do not disable ads, disable/unlock in app purchase mechanisms, or unlock gated access to elements that are tied into monetization.
3) The mod must be fair and change the rules of engagement for EVERYONE playing, not just one individual or subgroup (i.e., your team.)
4) No playing mods in the restricted areas. Quick Play and public CTF are off limits (or we will never score CTF games if they are unruly.) We'll talk about custom CTF maps later as an exception when we have better guidelines built up.
5) Name your custom room as a mod to let people know it is a mod space.
6) Make sure your mod doesn't masquerade as a legit copy of the app (hiding itself as the official app, signatures, version numbers, etc.)

Also, a reminder that we have a couple of discussion groups for maps and mods on our Discord Server:

Screenshots, where are they?

We have something on the screen now but it is ugly as hell and doesn't really convey what's actually about to happen and clear fashion. To avoid creating more confusion I'm not going to share screenshots until we've touched them up. That will be one of the final things we do and we will post them as soon as we can to help everybody understand what is coming.

Loadout Options
We've got 10-20 options in mind to start with but we haven't coded them all in yet. That's one of the things that we're still working on right now. Those options will include some classic default loadouts in case you don't want to play with anything different (if you don't pick anything one will be chosen for you -- like what happens now). 
Battle Coins
These are going to show up on people's profiles and end game menus. We will probably try to give everyone a boost of coins because we want you guys to try out all the different things and not worry about the coins right now. We understand there is a mix between people who earn coins and people who don't earn coins. Also a mix of people that may want to save up for a special loadout. There will be an option to let you jump into a game without spending any coins eventually (setting the spending limit to zero) but right now we need to test it wide open before we start tuning.

Updated Roadmap:
No changes to the roadmap tasks, BUT the percentages are further along. We will update the roadmap with latest AFTER part A releases.
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