Mini Militia Classic: New Alpha Client Update... v0.0.3

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Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force

Jan 26, 2021, 1:42:37 AMJan 26
to Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force
Heya Mini Militia Classic (MMC) Alpha Testers!

Be on the lookout for the new v0.0.3 update. In the next 24 hours it should be completely rolled out worldwide.

Wifi lan has undergone SIGNIFICANT changes. Enough so we need to hold off on entering a phase 1 alpha. So as much testing on that as you are willing and (safely) able to perform is welcome. If someone makes a super spreader event out out of a wifi lan game I will be unhappy with that. ;) Stay safe everyone. Let us know if the wifi lan is not performing as expected.

This is a mostly server upgrade release and that includes the local networking code as well (i.e., wifi lan.) There's a couple quality of life tweaks, we're not ready to add a bunch of changes to the client quite yet, but we had to clean out the old scoring and rank systems. So we started there (for those of you grinding ranks in the alpha I hope this isn't too jarring. but yah... its alpha, this is gonna happen a lot as we toy with creating and balancing systems.)

Here are the release notes:
v0.0.3 release notes [Phase 0 Alpha Continues] We're almost to Stage 1, but this needs more testing first. We're still working on phase 1 server code atm (scoring and ranks (stats) will return)
-Fix HUD (extra grenade switch) 
-Fix bugs and crashes 
-Updated servers and client network code (give extra test attention to wifi lan) 
-Removed anything to do with scores, rank, and platform (prepping for the new systems to replace them.) 
-Disabled sections that aren't ready (e.g., Awards, Scores, etc.)

We've been nose down for two (three? I've lost count) straight weeks here. The servers have been up and down. Updated, watched, restarted, renamed, tested, and strained (thank you for your help with that last piece.)

Of course we found more issues than we could shake a stick at, but we did anyway. And shook em till we got some quality of live adjustments for you as well as us. 

We're still technically phase 0... but let us call it 0.5. We will get right back into server updates to support a full 1.0 lift and shift.

And finally... It's a test, it is an alpha test at that, don't get attached to scores coming and going... That's gonna happen a lot.

Thanks again for all the feedback! Good and bad. It helps us consider the updates to come and we have a long way to go yet.

Appsomniacs (Hunter and Chad)
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