Dev Update 2/2/2021 (When is the next release?!?! and long talk about mods)

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Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force

Feb 3, 2021, 1:15:24 AMFeb 3
to Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force
When will the next update be?!?! (you mean v0.0.4? likely/probably. numbers may change...) ... as soon as its ready! Promise. When will that be? We don't know yet!

I get this question A LOT. So much so I have probably missed some really good emails. But let me give you an update.

tl;dr we got at least one week to go. AT LEAST... Probably two.

This will not be an exiting update. Read on to understand why.

We started (right after last release last week) working on what is going to be a release that shoots us out of phase 0 and into our Alpha Phase 1. We were going to just add server side scoring, but... you can't do scoring without managing health, and health requires damage to be calculated... this is pretty oversimplified... BUT you get the idea (I hope) So what was supposed to be 3 SEPERATE releases work wise has turned into one giant mega release effort. Its not bad, but EVERYTHING is getting moved to the server at once... Our old architecture was born from peer to peer shared management of game state. This is changing, the logic will mostly be run server side. Its something we've wanted for a LONG time to thwart cheating 'more better'. <--- THIS IS VERY EXCITING BTW... Read that previous sentence again...

We're NOT adding anything new game wise to the client this release. We can't spare the effort right now to make new content, and phase 1 incorporates a massive architecture change for us to test. It would be foolish to layer on new things right now (for us... I know a lot of folks are playing to play their favorite game... and the alpha is REALLY rough for that. We are no where near releasable yet.

So its critical we test what we got in spades. We welcome you along to do so with us.

Ok so you read this far. You deserve a reward. Lets talk about this new architecture. Its going to break mods. I can't see how they will work without having to be updated.

Accounts banned during the alpha will not be considered for alpha rewards. So test clean, for now. If Quickplay sees you mucking around it will flag your account. Its not helping to generate us modified client data. Which is making noise and is taking our time to sort out bad actors from good actors reporting crashes. Please hold off on mods until we have a nice space for you to play modded. We're not blocking mods on QP since we ripped out a huge chunk of the server management that handled that (cause we need new improved handlers and this will force us to fix it in the nearer term than later.)

After we start Phase 1 I want to invite a group of very helpful modders that are going to try and see what they can do to strengthen our abusable foot print. We love some of the mods out there, we loathe the cheating that it can enable.

We had over 1100+ modified clients (that we detected! most folks are really lazy and they were easy to detect, which is what we ask (don't try to hide your mod that way we don't ban and we can route you to our mod zones for that crazy mod fun you have enjoyed in the past.) The VAST majority 99.9% were not cheaters. A little over half just wanted to get free pro pack. And now we're removing Pro Pack...

We're replacing pro pack, in part, with what we're calling the "Loadout System". The store will be accessed via Loadouts... maybe you can see where this is going. And because we like the idea of choice... your choices (Loadout) can be changed each life.

Once we have scores on servers (turns out everything has to be managed on the server now... not a bad thing... but its drawing out this release and we risk having a 100+ bugs to sort out.. I might be being conservative... this is essentially 10 years of game logic being torn out of the client and moved to the server realm and clients and servers required to express themselves appropriately...) tl;dr We changed a LOT but the game should play exactly as it is now and that's exactly what we want to see in the early testing in phase 1.

I think the thousands of you still hanging in there are beyond patient. Thank you. If your waiting for a new feature you will have to wait a bit longer, but I hope you find our reasonings sound and on point. Thank you again for your patience on all fronts!

Mission Fun Time is well under way. Onward!

Appsomniacs (Chad and Hunter)

P.S. please use the built in review system or the testingfeedback [at] We're doing our best to just READ all the feedback. We can't respond to many... you can try, just don't feel like we are ignoring you, BUT you want us coding, not reading emails. so save the new ideas for later in the beta. That would help us out a lot! Thank you!

Love you guys and gals! Have fun. Be safe!

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