Merry Glitchmas! v0.6.0 has dropped

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Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force

Dec 25, 2021, 4:08:49 AM12/25/21
to Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force
Merry Glitchmas to all, and to all a good fight!

Many of you well know we dropped a new update. It's not quite the beta phase yet... That will come after we get more of the beta phase 0 tasks completed. Some will notice we started working on Phase 1 beta tasks. That's a longer story I won't get into now though.

It's Christmas eve/day here in the US. So we'll be very quiet over the next few days with family events, but we look forward to your reviews and feedback. There is a lot to test so have fun soaking it all in.

First off we spoke about what was going into this release Dec 6th on Alpha, we didn't think it would take ANOTHER 19 days to deliver, but here we are delivering... on a Friday and on a holiday eve at that... (things sane developers don't do who value their down time.) 

So besides what we said was coming in that email here is more:

  • Added the foundation of the new game mode framework.
    • -New framework includes two new game mode demos: Classic v4 (CV4) and VIP
    • -VIP is a team based game similar to CTF, but a player's life becomes the target of the other team's focus. 
    • -Classic v4 is a TDM based game that should be very close to the old v4 of 2018, but lives amongst the new games' newer framework. It's a close experience and we plan on doing more tuning based on feedback.
  • We've added a new ammo management system. 
    • Ammo management has been moved to the server (bullets, throwables, etc. al) 
    • This fixes a LOT of issues with miscalculated ammo counts 
    • This is also going to be used as one of the new anti-cheat systems going into place in future beta phases..
    • This is where we expect the most new glitches and oddities to be experienced.
  • We've added a fix for players found inside of maps, (i.e., death.)
  • Upped target sdk to 30 to meet Google Play's new min (this may cause problems for older devices...)
  • Added a new button to main nebu "Officers" which is short for "Officers Club". This is (will be) the central hub for monetization. Much of this menu system is disabled. All that is working now (by design) atm is the "EARN" button for earning Sponsor Tokens.
    • Implemented a sponsor Token earning system using 'rewarded ads'.
    • Added the first token spend system "Ad Suppression" see "Remove Ads" button on Nag Bar. Currently suppressing all menu/lobby banner ads and interstitials between games.
  • Added a new 'nag bar' with ability to hide the bar temporarily after the banner ad has been seen for an adequate minimum (currently 15~20 seconds) Nag bar will stay away until the next ad loads.
  • Fixed health displays do not show being empty until the server sends the player death message.
  • Fix crash on startup caused by corrupted HUD edit crash.
  • Fixed crash found in survival
  • Added weapon weapon fade for weapons about to despawn
  • Added team color arm bands and sashes to team players
  • Added a new default install loadout called the Classic V4 (existing installs would have to reset their loadouts to see it)

New changes to META to keep in mind:
Weapons switched before reload finishes will cancel  the current reload operation
All weapons are momentarily empty on pickup, but will be given the appropriate magazine counts immediately.

Known issues:
Sometimes pickup buttons will be flashing when next to dual pickups that you are carrying if there is another thing to be picked up.
LAN flags wont spawn if you create a game without map drops (workound: don't do that!) 

Thats it for now. We'll update the websites with more info later, after the holidays.

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