MMC v0.2.0 is rolling out (Google Play and Apple App Store to follow asap) Alpha Phase 2.75: Loadouts Part A [7/27/2021] MMC v0.2.0 Alpha Phase 2.75: Loadouts Part A The long awaited v0.2.0 "Loadouts Part A" release is upon us. A Loadout is what you

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Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force

Jul 27, 2021, 11:06:22 PM7/27/21
to Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force
MMC v0.2.0 is rolling out (Google Play and Apple App Store to follow asap) 
Welcome to Alpha Phase 2.75: Loadouts Part A [7/27/2021]

MMC v0.2.0 Alpha Phase 2.75: Loadouts Part A
The long awaited v0.2.0 "Loadouts Part A" release is upon us. A Loadout is what you get to choose before the start of a game, after you die, and before you respawn. Loadout options will be made available to you based on the amount of Battle Coins you have to spend. The fewer Battle Coins you have, the fewer options are available. Please see past posts in the Alpha Force Google Group for more information on Part A/B expectations. Those expectations have not changed, but to summarize, Part A has a limited set of Loadout choices to pick from and you can't yet create your own. 

- The Part A v0.2.0 release is incompatible with previous versions. Bad things happen when you try to use them together. Go ahead, try it on LAN with another device, see what happens. We will turn off the older version after we know everyone can get to the new version.
- Part A Loadouts are only available in Quick Play.
- Part A Loadouts are not user configurable "yet" (see Part B notes on the Alpha list.)

Armory Button:
-  Will be made more functional in Part B. It is just a test tool right now.
- The Armory button will show you the "Loadout Builder" and you can play around with costs and get sneak peaks at our early (not final) Special Options. 
- **Costs are not final.** We will make a post about why and how we came to these conclusions on costs soon. It will be core to our tuning discussions as we head deeper into the end of the Alpha and into Beta. 

Store Button:
- The "Store" access as we know it is disabled. Old store is gone. 
- Your old store items will stay in effect in game up to the time we have specials working, (i.e, Part B) and these items will be entirely replaced with "Specials" options in the Loadouts you choose. 
- The store button shows you the in game Loadout picker. As you get coins more things will show up. This will be your prize for not spending all your battle coins as fast as you get them (I think the highest costing item is 1600 coins (so 16 kills...) 
- The store button should have been relabeled "TEST" but we forgot to change it. It is gonna be confusing.
- **Costs are not final.** (are you sensing a reoccurring theme here...)

Battle Coins and Costs:
- Battle Coins are found in your Profile and end game scoreboards. 
- We understand there is a mix between people who earn coins and those who don't and also a mix of people that may want to save up for a special loadout. There will be an option to let you jump into a game without spending any coins and you can rely on map drops.
**None of the battle coin costs are final.** (again 😁)  This system WILL require some tuning, unless we nailed it with our initial design (I highly doubt it), we will make adjustments. We will try to figure out a way to give people extra coins for testing (not a guarantee). 

Other Notes: 
- The "Specials" list that you can see in the Armory button's launch of the "Loadout Builder" is just a sampling of ideas. In general 'Specials' will be more powerful than their similar store counterparts. They last for the single life and can change each life. i.e., they are not permanently unlocked. Also note the effect they have on gear that is dropped generally does not transfer to the new user (i.e., faster reloads, increased damage, etc.)
- Expanded Profile stats to show Alpha stats now and this will be where you can see your stats when we start to accrue Beta stats. Only accounts signed up and active during the Alpha and Beta will show Alpha/Beta stats.
- Player spawns are managed by the server now. No changes to the actual spawn locations (yet) but algorithm control is now server controlled 100% and we can change these without client updates should the need arise. Along with supporting our new respawn system that fires after Loadout choices are made (or not made) this new system is also part of our ongoing re-architecting of the client/server to be less prone to victimization by cheaters.

Roadmap (not yet updated):
Roadmap will be updated by next week, but here's the file if you want to review where we are at and what is coming for Part B.  

Did I mention these are likely not to be the final costs? In case you didn't see that I will say it again...  **None of the battle coin costs are final.** We will have a long tuning process and by end of BETA they will be finalized for launch... with your help and feedback being taken into consideration. The next few weeks we will be looking at what impact this new system has under the hood and in the general feel of the game. This is a major evolution in a lot of respects. Born out of necessity, out of opportunity, and out of respect for you and our time we put into this. I hope you can see that. I hope it works well too. BECAUSE it will be long beta if it doesn't... We are prepared to suck it up and flex the idea till it breaks if needed, but we are also super confident that this system answer a lot of simple requests for choice and more balanced gameplay choices... Wait till part B shocks the world of MMC with the powerful (BUT BALANCED) Specials systems we nearly got in the oven right now for next release. I might worry more but having the option to not having to engage this Loadout system AT ALL in custom and LAN kind of takes the edge off hating it (let us know.) 


Thank you for helping us test!
Hunter Mayer/Chad Towns

(I sleep now. I am seriously getting to old this crazy level of work. -Hunter😉 )

I would also like to thank our Comms officer, Agent M, for patiently listening to me rant about the broken choices we made and then documenting this letter for us.

********************* v0.2.0 Release Notes *********************
v0.2.0 has been submitted to Google and Apple.  New servers will be set up to support the App and we will launch asap. Availability may vary. We are told to give the distribution systems 24 hours before raising hell. 

- Not compatible with previous versions
- Added the new Loadouts system (Part A) only in Quick Play
- Fixed several score recording bugs
- Fixed a physics/melee bullet bug
- Altered the flow of how the game ends (server controlled)
- Altered the entire rank system to reflect the greater gains made (x100 for those keeping track)
- Added Rank and Skill level displays back (as noted they are NOT the same in amounts required.)
- Removed Score Sync option (clients do not send scores; servers manage all scores)
- Player spawns are managed by the server now.
- Removed all old purchasing interface elements (and the underlying GPG systems)
- Added Battle Coins (not to be confused with the old battle points) These coins are based on a new scoring system and take into account the new rank scales and are not compatible to compare in any fashion with MM battle points.
- Expanded Profile stats to show Alpha stats
- Fixed a dozen plus server crashes. Thank you for helping us test!
- None of these costs are final. We want to hear your opinions. Please continue to use testingfeedback [at] to send us those thoughts.

Omg. You read this far... you are a solider of fortune like no other... Go forth educated and lay out the world before you as you see fit.

Jul 28, 2021, 8:12:17 PM7/28/21
to Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force
Ok first big bug. The server is not happy with some combos being held in hand. This is getting accounts banned. THESE WILL BE UNBANNED. Standby while we figure it out!
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