Status Update: Alpha Phase 1: Dev Rages On

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Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force

Mar 3, 2021, 6:40:03 PMMar 3
to Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force
Heya Mini Militia Classic testers,

tl;dr still working on the v0.0.4 release and included is a simple, but snarky, FAQ below (just a few things you might want to know. Ok maybe one of them... but a FAQ with only one thing on it was kinda weak imo. so I picked two more to throw in there.)

But first... business. No release is ready yet. Complete. Letdown. I know. I know. Turst me I know.... I know its "not very exciting" news. But I don't wanna leave you hanging either. I respect your help in this process. I am going to keep it short, saving up for a bigger update release (soon (tm)). We're testing phase 1 internally now. A mountain of bugs we introduced need to be squashed before we can even show this. I mean I can't even blow myself up properly in game yet... so yah, we got more to do. As for the work. We're doing it.

Thank you all for your support and patience! Reestablishing this 'Classic' app is our #1 priority in our lives right now.

That's it for now. I gotta bet back to work!

-Hunter (and Chad)

P.S. hey that was pretty short for Hunter. He's a wordy sob.

FAQ: (this doesn't count against this message's short word count claim... :P -Hunter )

Can I have the release date? No you may not have a release date. You can't have what I can't give you. All I have is guesses. Best guess... no guessing... but check in next Tuesday. I think we're gonna need the weekend again. Someone is gonna need a week off after this. Seriously. Chad's worked every day since last release... except one, but seriously, we can't hold that against him.

What's in the next release? Nothing that a legit player should notice... That's the whole point of this release. The client NEEDS to function AS CLOSE to what's there now in the v0.0.3, broken and incomplete as it is. The only people who will notice a huge change are cheaters. (Message to cheaters: Seriously. Get some skill, learn to play legit and be ok being less than the best. Just saying.) This will probably break mods. We said this was coming. This release is the first beginnings of the reimaging of our client server framework. It is very exciting... (to us.) Go ahead be angry you waited 6+ weeks for NO VISIBLE CHANGES, but this is alpha man. Seriously you think this is complete software... It's not. See if you can find something broken though. If this works we'll be on our way to a very good time. We will be patching those broken things (actual broken, tweaking weapons right now, broken or not, is not a priority btw. Save that stuff for later.) Big things first.

You don't want to receive emails? Ok, you won't know when this takes off, but ok. Go manage it yourself on the Google Group's interface. You can set your account per group to how you want to receive emails. I will send one out every 1-2 weeks at this rate. Might be one sooner than later that announces the next release and what to look for during testing (see FAQ for spoilers. Oh wait this is the last line of the FAQ...) well... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ whoops... but thank you for reading this far.
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