MMC Dev Notes: From the Trenches (short update; no real new news) 7/3/2021

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Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force

Jul 3, 2021, 1:22:55 PM7/3/21
to Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force
Hey all,

I need to give an update (it's been 3 weeks) Chad and I successfully finished our other work as some you may recall we got pulled away for a couple of weeks. Its done. Its in the bag. Mission Accomplished. But now we're back at MMC tasks 110%... Ok 90%. We are both going to observe, at least in part, some of the national holiday that we're having in the US this weekend. We usually celebrate with fireworks and get crazy loud, but here in the Northwest we went through a Heat Dome event and we're generally gonna pass on the explosion/fire part this round (which I am ok with.) We will find another way to loudly celebrate our national day of liberty.

So already off topic... Let's talk briefly about MMC... We are in the THIC of the loadout system right now (still.) Player and Item spawn logic is getting the first (of many) server managed treatments, the clients are simply going to not be compatible with the old one... the next version will not be v0.1.x, it will be v0.2.x. So the client systems will not be compatible once we upgrade.

Loadouts present several problems with regards to how player spawns work. We have been eager to help solve other spawn related problems too while we are in there. I am sure we will introduce more (It's what we do; Write code and make new bugs.) In the process however we expect to be setting the stage to kill a LOT of the older spawn related bugs. i.e., remember when weapons used to spawn more often and de-spawn in a more sane fashion? Well blame CTF for most of that weirdness, the flag logic really messed up the normal classic flow there and we never really got it right after that (imo.) Players spawning on top of each other should very much come to an end too. It can still happen if there is enough spawn pressure (we'll talk about spawn pressure at a later time when the whole system is nominally working), but spawns should be WAY better (fingers crossed.) Smarter spawns in team situations too. We have a lot of plans there to enact yet.

But I want to keep this short (ha I failed!) tl;dr We are back on MMC tasks 110%. We are gone most of this weekend (mostly. well I am Chad is gonna spend half the weekend working I bet.) We will both be back on the 6th to pick up where we left off and loadouts are getting way closer to internal testing work levels. There is a lot more to do (like option planning and configuration.) but we are getting closer...

When will this be ready to be tested by Alpha Testers?!?!? I repeat NO DATES GIVEN. Most seasoned alpha force vets know that when we say close can mean 4 hours or 4 weeks... We'll do our best to push for the shortest time frame and keep channels open on that front. Loadouts Part A will likely surprise us all (sneak up on us) to be tested by all. Keep on your toes. Loadouts Part A is almost here.

Again note comms will be generally unresponsive till after the 6th.

-Hunter (and Chad)
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