MMC v.0.1.4 (Google Play) release announcement (Phase 2 testing; Phase 3 dev begun)

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Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force

Apr 29, 2021, 2:21:34 AM4/29/21
to Mini Militia Classic Alpha Force
Surprise! We released a few releases today (we wanted one and we wanted it last Firday, but we'll take Wednesday if we have too.) v0.1.4 is the one we will let ride overnight (my night). However Quickplay is only working for signed in users. Custom is still open to folks who don't want to sign in to play though. We'll fix that issue asap.

Release Notes:

v0.1.4  Welcome to Alpha Phase 2 testing!                     ♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪

  • Multiple 'Season' Leaderboards have arrived (found under Settings->Scores.. for now. They are calculated once a day. updated once per day.)

  • Another attempt to stop the map mis-load errors.

  • Fixing crashes related to maps not loading. (no escape now loads)

  • Multiple bug fixes and tweaks:

-Saw gun should now properly self kill the shooter upon unfortunate mismanagement.

-You will now lightly toss weapons away at your aim angle when picking up weapons. This should help work through the weapon piles. Point your aim straight down to emulate the old behaviors. First person or team to post a video juggling machetes wins a prize.

-Chat emotes are now case insensitive (gg, Gg, GG, gG, etc. al.)

-Custom and LAN game settings will persist between games

-TOS/Privacy Statement/and End Hacker Agreement ((coming soon, just links to terms atm.)) can be opened from the Info => screen in the app.

-Pro Pack restrictions have been removed. There is no lockouts, there is ads, this will be replaced in coming releases with => more options to remove ads for those who find them unbearably annoying. We need a few releases for that to be ready though.

-Fix custom map selector issue.

-Remove all google play log in checks/blocks.

-Reduce occurrence of blood splatters that we’re being drawn off target.

  • Surely we’ve added new glitches we don't know about yet (always ;P)

Ok there is a couple known issues:

You have to be logged in to play Quick Play. We'll research this and probably have a fix within 24 hours. Its our top priority atm.

The next days leaderboard will be calculated at zero hundred hours (12 am Zulu (GMT) ) time. That's 5 pm for the pacific coast of North America where I am, and 0400 in the morning in most of ASIA, and near Midnight in much of EU.

We don't have any of the old game's data so we are starting over, but this time we aren't storing it in third party systems. As discussed before stats are currently not being stored anywhere, we will building this out in the coming releases to change that. So all your guts and glories will start to be recorded. Your lifetime counts will not be in a leaderboard yet, but you get the idea where we are going with that.

We will discuss more about "seasons" in coming weeks as we experiments with them. The first season should run seven days if I mathed that out right. ;) We'll see what happens when we move directly into the next "season" next week. We MAY have to wipe all scores and stats. But we we know its fun to gloat and muscle for rank. Lets try to have fun with it. Many of you aren't here for leaderboards stats, and next release will start to introduce back personal lifetime stats (including your points earned in these recorded battles that you can spend in games.) and the future of the in game meta "loadouts" will start to be introduced.

We will release a "Dev Notes: From the Trenches" update, to include a roadmap update, when the dust settles from this release or allows us to breath and regroup.

Thank you for testing!
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