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Oct 19, 2020, 4:42:20 AM10/19/20
to Minecraft Teachers
When i download minecraft education edition at last it shows "a part of this windows installer package" thingy problem, what to do? :(

On Tuesday, 30 April 2019 at 04:03:30 UTC+4 Samuel A wrote:
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On Monday, April 29, 2019 at 5:35:54 PM UTC+12, Samuel A wrote:
So for my 10FPS class (Future problem solving) in college I created a MinecraftEDU server with mods. (About 90 education related mods including galacticraft and extensions for it, Atomicraft (Pretty much minechem), Realistic fish as well as other realistic exstensions for MC, Forestry (Bee breeding, tree types etc), Pam's harvestcraft (Crops, more bees etc) , Fossils and archeology revival mod and more! This MinecraftEDU modpack is for MinecraftEDU 1.7.10 stable build 22 and runs with around 25 fps on a core 2 duo computer with exactly a gigabyte of memory allocated. If you download this pack you will need to allocate exactly 1000 megabytes of ram (1 gigabyte) or you will have a constant 10 fps (Not the same as future problem solving) with major fps drops) If you don't know what I'm talking about, lets just say you really don't want 10fps. Don't worry if you don't know how to allocate memory/RAM, I'll show you with a few simple steps soon!

How to install modpack:
1. Go to where minecraftEDU is installed and open its folder.
2. Open the folder called minecraft and delete the folders called "config" and "mods"
3. Also delete the files called servers.dat
4. Copy it's contents to minecraftedu > minecraft. (Contents are a new mods and config folders and a new servers.dat)
5. Start minecraftEDU for the first time with the new folders and files in place. First start with the new mods may take some time because of the mods needing to download additional resource files)
6. Redistribute the newly modded minecraftEDU among minecraftEDU licensed computers.
7. Start minecraftEDU and go to multiplayer > MinecraftEDU Server/Your own server

How to allocate more memory/RAM to modded minecraftEDU:
1. Open minecraftEDU's launcher
2. Click on "Client Settings" (Near top middle)
3. Click "Basic" and change "Client RAM" to 1000
4. Click "Save settings"
5. Close and reopen launcher and start minecraft.
(Optional: Install 64bit java on computers and change client ram to 4000 for better loading times and fps increase)

If you didn't replace the servers.dat you can go to the multiplayer menu > new server and put in the ip:
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