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Sep 3, 2007, 7:05:01 AM9/3/07
to mimemessage-dev

hi Alec

I have a question regarding your great mail class.

If I send an email using your MIME class what does it happen when a
recipient uses a text only version email client? Does his client
download only the text part of the messagge or also the HTMl one even
if he will never see it?

I am asking that because I have always considered your class the best
one I have ever used , however I am getting concerned about users with
mobile email clients who pays for the size of their downloads rather
than on connecting time.

If someone has to download also the full html part of the message
using his smartphone, it cold cost him a lot of money for each
message, therefore I should go back to ask users to choose which email
version they want to receive when they register to the newsletter
service and then have two separate deliveries, one for the html
version and one for the text only emails ( that was what I used to do
until I found your great class )

Thanks in advance


Manuel Lemos

Sep 12, 2007, 2:22:11 PM9/12/07

on 09/03/2007 08:05 AM johnny said the following:

Usually you send a multipart/alternative message with both text and HTML

The mail clients pick the text or HTML version depending on what they

The mail clients may get only the text version because it comes first in
the message, but I am not sure if they always do that if they do not
support the HTML version.

So, if you know upfront your recipients cannot display HTML messages, it
is better to send a message with just the plain text version.


Manuel Lemos

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