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Welcome to Friends of Milwaukee Makerspace!  Join our diverse group of highly trained, creative, and tech-savvy makers, engineers, designers and inventors.  This list is public and generally is not used for communication for makerspace, area, or training issues.  It is great for reaching a wider audience for signal boosting or problem solving.
  • Be excellent to each other.
  • Follow the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated!
  • Keep criticism constructive.
  • Please refrain from name-calling or derogatory statements.
  • The group has no tolerance for discrimination based on sex, gender, race, sexual orientation or religion.
  • Any conduct that the Board determines to be offensive will be addressed as necessary.
  • On a first offense, if you are a member, the Board will issue a warning. All others will be removed.
  • Subsequent offenses may be cause for further disciplinary action per the By-Laws.
  • This list is not used for the sale of items,  we can't guarantee the legitimacy of any seller, so we ask that it not be used for this purpose.