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Roger M. Jenson

Dec 18, 2022, 11:51:54 AM12/18/22
to Milwaukee Linux Users Group
Having close to 400 login accounts is a real problem without a password
manager. I have used KeePass for many years because it is Open Source
and available on the platforms that I use. The KeePass encrypted
password database is located on the devices that use the application.
There is no synchronization to the cloud. Until today I was using
KeePassXC on my desktop & laptop computers, Keepass2Android on my
Android  phone,tablet, and Chromebook. I decided to try Bitwarden
because it is OpenSource, Cross Platform, and has a free version because
I need to be prepared to make a recommendation to my customers that I am
willing to support.

Bitwarden could not directly import the KeePassXC password database so I
had to export the KeePassXC database to a .csv file. I also had to
modify the .csv file column headers and column order to match what
Bitwarden expects. Once the password database was imported and verified
all I needed to do was install the Bitwarden application on my devices
and connect the apps to my Bitwarden account.

It's time to learn a new password manager application.

Having Fun,
Roger M. Jenson


Dec 19, 2022, 10:29:52 AM12/19/22
I have been using Bitwarden (free) for about 4 months. I haven't much basis for comparison because I haven't used many other password managers. So far, Bitwarden works pretty well. I'm using browser plug-ins for autofill. There's some weirdness in my android client that I haven't tried to figure out yet, with respect to autofill.
My 0.02 euro.
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