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DevSecOps Community,


BLUF: We are approaching the application deadline (June 17) for our second hackathon and would like to encourage Airmen and civilians to apply. From weapons officers and experts to security, engineers and coders, product managers, technologies and early in career, this hackathon represents an opportunity for any Airmen or Guardian to bring their knowledge and skills to work on operational problems with operational data. Participants in the first hackathon developed capabilities deployed to Europe within three months, and over half the projects have been picked up for further development. Industry, academia and American citizens can all participate below and the event provides opportunities for those cleared from unclass to SECRET and additional forms of compartmentalized classification.


Details: A group of Air Force and Space Force folks are organizing a hackathon July 18-22 at two separate Air Force bases and one Space Force base to prototype capabilities on air combat and space launch operations data. The hackathon is taking place at three separate bases and classifications because using data to compete will demand we collaborate across classifications and bases. Since our first BRAVO 0 hackathon  - https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2922994/bravo-0-hackathon-proves-air-force-can-develop-weapons-capabilities-in-under-on/ - , the series has expanded applications to any American citizen, employee at a company, federal employee or DoD contractor. A security clearance is not necessary to participate, however those with SECRET clearances and SAP read-ins are especially encouraged to apply.


Background: The BRAVO hackathon series is named from Project B, a 1921 series of joint Army-Navy target exercises conducted on surplus ships in response to Army Brig. Gen. Billy Mitchell's claim that bombers sink battleships. This claim undermined the then-current investments and strategy of the then Department of War. The Secretary of War and Secretary of the Navy authorized Project B to disprove and disgrace Mitchell by demonstrating the insignificance of airpower. Mitchell instead directed his bombers to destroy all the test ships, changing military strategy, defense resourcing for aeronautics and aircraft carriers, and ultimately the Department of War by proving the need for a separate Air Force military department. BRAVO hackathons are sponsored by DoD senior leaders to provide technical and cultural innovation environments that enable government and American citizenry to test and validate bold ideas on real DoD data.


Application links

DoD employees/contractors as support or hackers with CAC - https://gain.apps.dso.mil/daf/bravo-application/application

Federal Government employees or contractors w/o CAC -



Industry, academia and citizens - https://afcyberworx.org/apply/


Recent Press Release -






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