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John Endler

Mar 17, 2022, 4:24:28 PM3/17/22
to MikeOS
Hi All,

 I found an assembler written by Keyhan Vakil, that he wrote to run in bootOS.
His assembler is very basic because he had to keep it to 512bytes to run in
boot sector. 

I made some changes to his code so it will run under MikeOS.
The changes are marked with ;***JE comment ***;

I did not expand on the code other than changing addressing and the ability to open
.asm files from command line and save assembled code to .bin file.

I updated vedit.asm to accept .asm extensions.(Attached updated version vedit.asm)

I am attaching the modified 0asm.asm file with a test file you can assemble under

from MikeOS command line type >0asm testasm.asm
this will produce a testasm.bin file, then run test file from
command line >testasm
It will output Hello

I am going to try to expand this program to have more features I will post
any updates here.
Any questions let me know and feel free to expand on this program, we might end
up with a good assembler for MikeOS...

Best Regards

Walt Nagel

Mar 17, 2022, 5:48:01 PM3/17/22
I have thought over the last 8 years or so that a small assembler for
quick testing would be a great addition to MikeOS. I hadn't seen 0asm
before. The first 2 code bases that come readily to mind are nasm (1.1
MB on Win) and AS86 from Bruce's compiler (40 kB as a .com) -- both too

I am somewhat concerned about a GPL version 3 license. Perhaps, instead
of creating a fork of 0asm, a completely new ground-up program with a
MikeOS license would be better. I have the beginnings of an assembler
for the Forth system that I would be willing to contribute to the code.
I believe a starting goal could be an under 12 kB, reasonably featured,


On 3/17/2022 4:24 PM, John Endler wrote:
> 0asm testasm.asm

John Endler

Mar 17, 2022, 6:43:24 PM3/17/22
to MikeOS
Testasm.asm had a problem forgot to add int to print message see corrected attachment
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