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John Endler

Nov 19, 2020, 5:13:14 PM11/19/20
to MikeOS
I want to thank Mike for making MikeOS avaliable.

I have been programming in assembly for many years and decided to see how 
to write a simple 16bit OS when I came across MikeOS.

I have since added some to the builtins and written an editor that works like
VIM, along with other programs that I wanted to include in the OS.
I did not use NASM but re-wrote everything in FASM.

The one program Forth is still in NASM which runs in my modified MikeOS.

My question is, while reading the forth document it mentions GEN.4TH file that is
included and using it with the INCLUDE word.

I could not find GEN.4TH and INCLUDE is not defined is that something that did not
make it into the forth interpreter that came with MikeOS?


Best Regards

Walt Nagel

Nov 19, 2020, 9:01:20 PM11/19/20
to MikeOS, John Endler
Thank you for your interest in MikeOS and a simple Forth system.

Apparently the original file was scrambled and I didn't download it with the Forth source. Attached is a derivative of the file you are looking for; it should meet your needs. It is a plain text file. Note that the single back-slant character '\' in newer Forth versions is similar to the '\\' in C++. The file should be fairly simple to read and modify.

'INCLUDE' and 'write_exec' were removed from the pre-MikeOS source because of the limited disk functions that were available in MikeOS. If your OS has disk file handling with at least elementary error reporting it may be possible to return this code to this Forth.


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Michael Saunders

Nov 20, 2020, 3:54:38 AM11/20/20
to John Endler, MikeOS
Hi John,

Glad to hear you find MikeOS useful! Can you share the code somehow?
I'm curious to see the Vim-like editor – even if it's written in FASM?
I may consider switching it to NASM syntax and including it in MikeOS,
if you're OK with that.


John Endler

Nov 20, 2020, 8:40:52 AM11/20/20
to MikeOS
Thanks for the quick replay Walt, Mike.

Walt I will checkout the attached forth thank you.

Mike I have attached the whole OS see the readme.txt file.
Any questions let me know and Thanks again for laying the
foundation for 16bit OS.

Feel free to pick and choose any of the programs and do with them
what you like.

My ledit.bin used your edit.bin for a starting point, I just added and deleted code
from your editor to suit my needs.

Thanks again

Best Regards

Michael Saunders

Nov 22, 2020, 11:07:23 AM11/22/20
to John Endler, MikeOS
Hi again John,

On Thu, 19 Nov 2020 at 23:13, John Endler <> wrote:
> I did not use NASM but re-wrote everything in FASM.

Just curious, what was the reason for this? Do you find FASM better to
work with? My goal with MikeOS is to make OS dev as accessible as
possible (within reason), so if FASM syntax is better for newcomers,
it may be something we should do with a future release...

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