Long Time No See and the Calculator

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ZeroKelvin Keyboard

Jun 12, 2020, 10:40:58 AM6/12/20
to MikeOS
Hello again MikeOS community. Long time no see.

I was just thinking of this group the other day when I used Yotta on TachyonOS for some data entry on a very old laptop.
It's good to see 4.6.1 is out the door. Let me know if you need my help for any bugs and features.
I understand MikeOS fairly well by now and I should have some free time.

So just today I started a simple calculator program for MikeOS, an normal calculator program this time. Perhaps this could replace CALC.BAS?
So far only basic 16-bit integers and very basic operations, but I'd like to move to using floating point eventually with all the uh.. fun(?) that entails.

I'll attached a screenshot with the binary and source. But so far I've only tested it on MikeOS 4.5.

Have a nice day,

Michael Saunders

Dec 30, 2021, 12:42:55 PM12/30/21
to ZeroKelvin Keyboard, MikeOS
Hi Zero,

Here's another late reply :-) Thanks for sending your updated calc
program! The more the merrier, I say, so I could add it to MikeOS. It
looks like it's built with the C library though, so I'm not sure about
adding all that to the build process. But I could include the .bin...
Do you have any yodates since you sent this version?

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