MikeOS 4.7.0 beta 1 available for testing

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Michael Saunders

Jan 17, 2022, 11:59:21 AMJan 17
to MikeOS
Hello everyone, here it is:


(HTTPS seems to be broken on SourceForge at the moment.) Please help
to test it, especially regarding the changes and new features listed
in the changelog below. A big thanks to everyone who contributed to
this release!


# Many updates to programs/edit.asm from Pablo Gonzalez and Mark M:
add support for more than screen-visible columns; show filename on
top; show current line and column; add "open file" option; remove
unnecessary screen redraws

# Many updates to programs/monitor.asm: separate commands to input and
execute code; 'd' command added to dump (in hex) a specified range of
memory to the screen; 'p' command added to poke (insert) a byte into a
memory location; code can now be entered in lower-case

# Added programs/vedit.asm from John Endler: a Vi-like text editor

# Added programs/editbin.asm from John Endler: a binary file editor

# Added programs/life.asm from John Endler: an implementation of
Conway's Game of Life

# Added programs/pong.asm from John Endler: a retro Pong-like game
(press Esc to exit)

# Added programs/line.asm from John Endler: a demo using VGA video
mode (press F to speed up, S to slow down, C to clear and Esc to exit)

# Updated programs/forth.asm to version 1.53 (from Walt Nagel)

# source/features/disk.asm: updated os_get_file_list and
int_filename_convert to handle extensions with fewer than three bytes;
create file uses actual file creation date and time; full 32-bit file
size returned in EBX (transparent to older programs)

# source/features/string.asm: new system call: os_string_to_long_int

# source/features/math.asm: small update to pseudo-random number generator

# source/features/ports.asm: os_serial_port_enable returns modem status in AX

# source/features/screen.asm: added BP to register dump

# Updated API version to 18, for new system call mentioned above

# Renamed programs/serial.asm to programs/terminal.asm

# Updated programs/sample.pcx

# Documentation fixes and updates

John Endler

Jan 18, 2022, 6:23:22 PMJan 18
to MikeOS
Hi Mike,
 I found a problem with lines.asm program while testing, when you exit program back to menu
the menu Items flash.
 The problem is when the program switchs back from 320x200 graphics mode to 80x25 text mode.
I came up with a quick fix for now by rebooting at the end of the program by jumping
to ffff:0.

Best Regards

Michael Saunders

Feb 7, 2022, 12:04:29 PMFeb 7
to John Endler, MikeOS
Hi John,

Thanks for that -- I'm preparing MikeOS 4.7.0 beta 2 now, and will
include that update.

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