MikeOS 4.7 beta 2 available for testing

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Michael Saunders

Feb 7, 2022, 12:35:47 PM2/7/22
to MikeOS
Hi everyone,

Here's a second beta release for MikeOS 4.7:


MD5 = d5c3c7353a12348b876ef95b5d6b0c6c

(I'm not sure why HTTPS isn't working on SourceForge at the moment, at
least for our project, but I'll look into it at some point. Or does
anyone have any ideas?)

Anyway, this includes all the changes in beta 1, plus some updates
from Walt that I didn't roll into that first beta, listed below.

As always, testing is appreciated (especially of the build scripts!)
and if there are no blockers, we can release as 4.7 final in a week or


# Restored missing file size code in os_load_file and os_get_file_size

# Updated mikedev.inc to show file size in EBX

# Restored file creation/write date and time to os_write_file and
os_create_file (disk.asm). Note: the code could be made a little more
efficient if reading the RTC time and date registers were shared
subroutines with string.asm

# Corrected file time in 'LS' display (cli.asm)

# Updated Forth manual document

# Added GEN.4TH to ./doc -- it is referenced in Forth manual

# Updated application development manual
* OS version 4.7
* file size return in file_read and file_size
* file creation and write information was updated
* register dump was updated
* updated serial port return status when initialization called
* added new call: string_to_long_int
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