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John Endler

Mar 14, 2022, 4:18:44 PM3/14/22
to MikeOS
Hi All,

 I just finished a machine code byte editor(codebyte.asm) that you can write machine code in and run it, save it to a file, load and edit the file.
 You edit the memory address starting at 0x9000-0x91ff 512bytes
I included a sample file hello.512.
At codebyte.bin prompt you can type load and at
load file prompt type hello.512, you will then see byte code loaded in hex dump of
address 0x9000. Type run to run machine code at address 0x9000.

To enter  byte code type edit at codebyte.bin prompt, it will prompt for address you want
to start entering bytes, enter address, it will automatically end your address with a colon, after colon enter your machine code bytes, you can enter them with spaces in between bytes like this 6f cd 10, with no spaces 6fcd10 or a combo 6f cd10, whatever you like.
 When you finish entering bytes hit enter and you will be prompt for another address to
start entering bytes or press ESC to exit edit mode.
 Address prompt looks like this 0x you follow that with your address 9000 or any address in the range 9000-91ff.
 Type clear to zero all bytes at memory 0x9000-0x91ff.

Let me know if you have any questions or find a bug.

Best Regards


Michael Saunders

Mar 15, 2022, 12:56:56 PM3/15/22
to John Endler, MikeOS
Hi John,

More great work -- thanks for sending this! I'll add it to MikeOS 4.7
and try it out. Do you think it should replace monitor.asm? I don't
mind removing that if this tool does the same (and seemingly much

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