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Mitch Rapp breezed through the CIA training program and was unleashed on the terrorist group responsible for the slaughter of so many innocent people on the Pan Am Lockerbie attack.

He's made up a list and eliminates the terrorists one by one. Mitch works alone with Dr. Irene Kennedy as his CIA supervisor.

As he approaches the next terrorist on his list, something doesn't appear right. No sooner does he eliminate that terrorist that Mitch realizes that he walked into a trap.

The room explodes in gunfire from other terrorists who were waiting for Mitch. Mitch narrowly escapes and wonders if he was set up.

The reader feels that overdue justice is being given to these terrorists. We also learn that certain powerful members of the CIA are jealous of Mitch's success with the terrorists and he is considered a renegade, a possible threat due to his independence.

In Paris there is another group plotting Mitch's downfall and this group includes at least one highly placed French official along with other terrorists.

"Kill Shot" is a feel good story where Mitch is attempting to accomplish what no one else has, to seek out and achieve retribution against the terrorists who strike out against innocent people, many of who are U.S. citizens. These terrorists feel that they are shielded from any revenge but Mitch solves that by acting outside the law.

The story moves effortlessly along with a number of surprises and plot twists and comes to a satisfying conclusion.

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