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This moving novel takes place in Sweden. The reader tries to understand who would carry out a horrific deed and then observe the authorities as they might identify and apprehend the guilty person.

A parents worst nightmare happens when a mother gets off the train to make a call and the train, carrying her six-year-old daughter leaves without her. When the train arrives at the final station, the child is missing.

After the police interview the mother, their first thought is that it is a domestic fight and attempt to locate the child's father.

The mother's history of abuse makes the father seem like a likely target. However, investigative analyst, Fredrika Bergman, who is new to the team of investigators and not fully appreciated in a male dominated police hierarchy, has other thoughts. She begins looking into the possibility that if the child's father is not the kidnapper, who might be.

With excellent dialogue and psychological insight into the investigators, their thoughts and family life, the reader observes their reaction when their investigation takes a new turn. This makes the characters more sympathetic and for us to want them to succeed in their search for the kidnapper.

"Unwanted" is a literary sensation in Sweden and provides the reader with a compelling story that is literate with characters who come to life as we read.

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