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In this contemporary and far reaching novel, "Bleed for Me," the author describes the world of impressionable teenage girls and the manner in which they can be manipulated by men who prey on the innocent.

Michael Robotham's words are dramatically compelling as we follow the action.

Psychologist Joe O'Loughlin is a terrific character. He suffers from Parkinson's disease but tries not to let this health issue deter him. His wife, Julianne, has left him and his eldest daughter, Charlie, age fourteen, shows her rebellious spirit. He works on finding answers to this case while desperately trying to hold on to his family.

Charlie's best friend, Sienna, shows up at Julianne's home covered with blood but then runs away.

Julianne calls Joe who is able to find her by the river bank, "huddled between the roots of a tree like a discarded doll."

Sienna is almost totally unresponsive and her vulnerability touches Joe. She claims to be unable to recall what happened but a search of her home reveals that her father, Ray Hegarty, has been murdered.

This is only the beginning of this heart stopping story. We learn of Sienna's father's relationship to Sienna and to her older sister. Then we discover Sienna's social life and this includes her seeing an older man - secretly.

The momentum builds as Joe confronts a man he suspects of taking advantage of Sienna and murdering her father. Doors are forced open as the story goes deeper and new suspects are discovered.

This powerful novel is one that shouldn't be missed, not just for a story that packs a punch but also for the message of the vulnerability of young girls and the adults who prey on their naivety.

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