Spring is finally here!

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Miha Pšenica

Mar 25, 2006, 5:50:32 PM3/25/06
to Miha's utilities
Hi again!

This time I don't have anouncment to make about my programs. I am
writing to you just because I'm happy that the spring is finally here!
Today was a wonderful sunny day here in Slovenia and it filled me with
energy. Yeeeeay!

Another thing that I want to tell you is that I have posted Miha's
utilities CD to sell on eBay. The CD has all the software published on
my site including several not yet published preview versions of that
software. The site that I've made on eBay is awful, but I am learning.
If I will find eBay useful I might post items there regulary. OK, I
know, I am making a little marketing from my programs... But there's
also something good for you in all that! Because I liked the sunny day
today and the start of spring and because today I like everyone, I have
decided to almost give away three Miha's utilities CDs (but you still
have to cover for post and packaging). So, why *almost* give away? I
have posted three auctions for the CDs on eBay with a starting price of
US$ 0,01!!! Yeeeeay again!

You can see all my auctions by searching for 'Miha's utilities' on eBay
or by clicking this funny looking eBay link:
http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZpsenicaQQhtZ-1 (I hope it works,
bacause it looks really funny to me...). And of course, you are invited
to bid as well :-)

I hope you have a sunny day today where you live too! If you do, I
suggest you stop staring into your monitor and get some of that sun!!

Have fun,


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