Marmorated stink-bug brew?

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Joel Geier

Mar 8, 2023, 8:00:36 PM3/8/23
to Mid-Valley Nature
Hi folks,

Nothing says "spring" quite light having invasive Marmorated Stink-Bugs emerge from crevices in our walls. We used to mostly see Box-Elder Bugs (or similar bugs that aren't properly Box-Elder Bugs, some time ago Don Boucher posted a guide to the three main species), but Marmorated Stink-Bugs have quickly become the main ones that we see. When squashed or otherwise disturbed, these bugs emit an odor that to me smells a lot like fresh cilantro.

This evening when I poured a glass of pilsner, I was surprised to notice a very strong smell of cilantro coming from the glass. Sure enough, there was a Marmorated Stink Bug caught in the foam, so I fished it out. Looking on-line and seeing nothing to suggest that these bugs are toxic, I went ahead and drank the beer.

The bug certainly imparted an interesting bouquet to the beverage! Perhaps it might even be marketable.

If I experience no ill effects, I'm tempted to bring this idea to the next "Eradication By Mastication" event for the Institute of Applied Ecology. Granted, it would take a lot of beer consumption to eradicate this invasive species at the rate of one bug per glass ... and this particular bug seems to have survived its "heady" experience.

Other local happenings include Turkey Vultures daily (for the past three days), and two Red-breasted Sapsucker males drumming close to each other, then chasing each other around with two other sapsuckers (presumably females) in the mix, up on the forested ridge.

A pair of House Sparrows seem to have a nest going high up in a utility pole, in a cavity that sapsuckers created and nested in a couple of years ago. Usually I manage to discourage them from nesting in our nest boxes lower down, but this cavity is too high up. I'm only seeing the female out for brief moments during the day, before she flies back to the cavity, so I'm guessing that she's incubating now.

Joel Geier
Tampico Ridge north of Corvallis

Gayle Peterson

Mar 9, 2023, 11:05:53 AM3/9/23
to Joel Geier, Mid-Valley Nature

Ha ha.  Great story, Joel.  Thanks for the smile.


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