Bullock's Oriole ?

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Carma Sue Henry

Mar 15, 2023, 8:55:30 PMMar 15
to Mid-Valley Nature
Just watched what I thought was a young Bullock's Oriole drinking from the hummer feeder.  However, it had zero white on the chest and belly and it's beak was longer and more downwardly curved than the illustration in Sibley suggests.  The beak is mostly dark above and much lighter whitish-grey below.  It might be a 1st year male Orchard or Hooded as there is some black coming from below the beak up towards the eye, but not as a true through-the-eye streak.  If it is one of those it will be a first for us. 

We've seen quite a few Bullock's here but we've never witnessed one putting it's beak fully down into the access hole on the hummer feeder before.  If it returns I'll try to get a photo to post.  Until then - any ideas?

Carma Henry
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