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His Secret Obsession – ⚠️ REVIEW BOOK ⚠️ - How To Make Him Obsessed With You?

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ricky yoss

Jan 30, 2024, 5:47:23 AMJan 30
James Bauer, the best-selling author, has a new relationship book called His Secret Obsession. Women are provided with the necessary resources to maintain a devoted and long-lasting relationship with the guy they love.

Along with a workbook and numerous helpful features, the main 217-page book is also included.


His Secret Obsession's fundamental thesis is that women ought to embrace their inner heroism.

Men essentially have a hero impulse because they want to be acknowledged for their achievements and have meaningful lives. When it comes to relationships, men's need to be the woman in their lives' everyday hero is heightened.

The following is crucial information regarding the hero instinct:

When a woman makes him feel like her everyday hero, a guy will be pulled to her and will be hesitant to commit when that isn't the case.

His Secret Obsession provides you with the steps to authentically awaken your man's hero instinct. This covers the precise text messages, words, and phrases to send him, along with advice on how to modify them for your particular circumstance.

James Bauer: Who is he?

James Bauer is a well-known relationship counselor and best-selling author.

Prior to transitioning into the field of professional relationship coaching, he was a qualified psychologist. He has assisted thousands of men and women in fortifying their relationships over the previous 12 years.

James Bauer found what he thinks is the key to enduring love by closely examining their cases: the hero impulse.

His lack of pretense as a dating "guru" is what I find most endearing about him.

Based on his twelve years of experience working with both women and men, as well as his knowledge of male psychology, James Bauer lays forth some basic truths.

Does His Secret Preoccupation make sense?

I'll go into more detail on the expenses and benefits of His Secret Obsession below.


But you undoubtedly want to know up front if you should read the book or not.

I'm a big reader of dating novels. I must present my readers with as many different viewpoints as I can, but I must also separate the truly helpful methods of finding love from the gimmicks that are plain ineffective.

I quickly connected with the main premise of His Secret Obsession, which is that males naturally want to protect and be heroes to women.

Political correctness has made the world appear like it has moved past the concept of the "primal instinct."

But in reality, we haven't. Guys will always be guys. And the same instincts that have always guided us still apply.

For me, the greatest thing about His Secret Obsession was learning fresh concepts, advice, and tactics that I had never seen before.

The entire book is built around the idea of using practical male psychology to enhance your own relationships.

Therefore, I believe His Secret Obsession is worthwhile for you if you struggle with commitment in general or if you are having problems with your man.

To whom is He Secretly Obsessed?

The brevity of the response is:

Any woman who'd like to know what motivates males in partnerships in real life.

However, to focus it even more, these are the kinds of women that stand to gain the most from it:

Ladies who wish to deepen their friendships

Women who wish to transition from dating their partner to a committed partnership

women whose significant other appears emotionally distant, indifferent, or to be "pulling away."

Desiring to reconcile with their former partner

Who isn't meant to read it?

The truth is that not everyone can relate to His Secret Obsession. These women, in my opinion, won't gain anything from this book:

Women who are unwilling to put in the effort and follow through on the many cues (discussed in more detail below).

This book is especially for lesbians who want to attract guys.

women who would want to maintain a casual relationship instead of a committed one.

Examining the contents of the book

His Secret Obsession is divided into three primary categories:


The first section explains how the hero instinct functions.

The second part outlines the doable actions you might take to awaken his sense of heroism.

Text message formulae are a bonus that you may start using right away to send your man messages. The book ends with these.

The book has 17 modules that deconstruct the psychology of the hero instinct and provide detailed advice on how to awaken it in your partner.

James Bauer explains the expressions, questions, and words that you can use to awaken this primal masculine urge.

What the signals mean (as well as how to apply them)

You'll learn several signs to employ on your man throughout the book. Among them are:

The "you owe me" gesture

The signal for the "private island"

"The X-ray query"

The "ex-back" indication

The word "glimpse"

The signal for a "damsel in distress"

The "currency" of happy partnerships that is hidden

The "quiet action" indicates

The signal of "fascination"

You should modify James Bauer's suggested messages and phrases to fit your relationship, as he provides specific ones for each indication.

The signals work on your man's emotions by utilizing psychology. He will eventually start thinking of you constantly and as "we" rather than "I."

Is there a chance of manipulation here?

Not really.

The subtle nature of all the signals makes it easy to incorporate them into conversations without revealing to your partner that there is a brilliant psychological strategy at play.

What is the price of His Secret Obsession?

It costs $47 for His Secret Obsession.

Now, some people might object to paying $47 for a book. It is undoubtedly more expensive than most books.

James Bauer put a lot of effort on this book and its supporting materials, though, so I can appreciate the cost. Essentially, the book serves as a "manual" that you can go to and utilize again during your partnership.

Additionally, I've seen that the book is being sold illegally on a few websites.

Make sure you download it from the official website to assure you're getting an original copy with all the supplementary materials and your 60-day money back guarantee.
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