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New Table Style won't accept font setting

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Oct 5, 2004, 3:19:09 PM10/5/04
I've created a new table style in Word 2002. I added it to template, and am
now using it in different documents.
For some reason, in some of the documents I use it in (as I test scenarios
repeatedly), I am unable to change the font size. In other documents
(generally the ones I have already done much to control, stylistically), I am
simply not able to. I choose (the table style) > Modify > Font: 10 pt and it
remains ...the font size of Normal.
It seems to be tied (inextricably) to Normal in some documents, but not in
Meanwhile, I'm able to get almost any other formatting topic to stick, and
to become part of this table style.
Does anyone know what's up, or know of a good summary page? (I think of MVP
Shauna Kelly's bullets and numbering summary...


Margaret Aldis

Oct 5, 2004, 3:58:51 PM10/5/04
Hi Andy

'By design' ??!! Word table styles will only apply font and paragraph
settings that differ from the *default* Normal style settings. So if text
starts out as 12pt, your table font size will apply, but if it is already a
different size, that sticks and the table font setting has no effect.
Similarly, you can apply an overriding indent if the paragraph has indent 0,
but not if it already has an indent set.

Basically table styles just don't work as they appear to from the dialogs.
To get full control, you really need to go back to applying paragraph styles
for all font and paragraph settings.

Margaret Aldis - Microsoft Word MVP
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"Andy" <> wrote in message

May 1, 2019, 8:19:35 AM5/1/19
Unfortunately, this seems to be the only place in the world where this BIZARRE design choice by Microsoft is being discussed.

The font size in the Table Style has NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER, nor can it ever have.

If the above statement is not true, please let me know how the Table Style font size can be made to do ANYTHING!

Jack Juris

Oct 30, 2023, 12:36:52 AM10/30/23
This is sooooo frustrating. I created a lovely document template and then decided to change the default font for the entire document. And everything else is happy but these ruddy table styles won't budge. Microsoft... why we use this software just confuses me.
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