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Jul 14, 2003, 1:59:30 PM7/14/03
How do I import the outline numbers in a Word file into
Excel so that the outline numbers are in one column and
the text is in the adjacent column?



Alan Taylor

Jul 14, 2003, 7:48:30 PM7/14/03
Hi Max:

As far as I know, you should start (in a copy of the
document) by "freezing" the outline numbers:

You can run a one-line macro. If you've never used VBA
before, I suggest practicing this in a non-important
document first.

From just a general part of the document (nothing
selected), go Tools / Macro / Visual Basic Editor

Click in the window down low called "Immediate"

Type this exactly:

then press Enter

(You may notice that, as you type, a balloon of options
pops up. You can double-click on "ConvertNumbersToText"
and that will help, but you still have to press Enter to
activate it.)

It'll seem like nothing has happened ... but ...
Go File / Close and Return to Microsoft Word

and you'll see the numbers are manual.

One more thing: if you used toolbar numbers (not attached
to styles) for the auto numbers, you're done.

But if you used Styles such as Headings 1 thru 9, those
style names still are attached. You should apply a
different style, such as Normal, to the affected
* * *
The next step is to convert the text to a two-column
table, separating columns by tabs. This will work well if
you have a bunch of consecutive numbered paragraphs.

Select them, then Table / Convert text to table
Separate text at tabs OK

Now maybe adjust column widths a little; then copy the
table and paste into Excel.


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