Headings and numbering dilemna

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Bruce Redekop

Dec 7, 2016, 11:30:47 AM12/7/16
I am creating a document that makes use of headings and numbering. I have been successful up to level or heading 3. When I go to heading 4, the numbering starts over at 1 even if I select "continue from previous".

When creating the numbering for headings 2 and 3, I entered the title of the new heading and selected "heading 2 (or 3)" and clicked numbering and all was fine. When I try this on heading 4 and indent, the number at heading 4 remains as 1.
For example:

5. Heading one

5.1 Heading two (one indent)

5.1.1 Heading three (two indents)

1. Heading four (three indents)

I have tried all sorts of things and just cant seem to get the indent-heading-numbering to match for the fourth heading. Sure would appreciate some enlightenment!

Russ Crowley

Dec 7, 2016, 11:19:24 PM12/7/16
Hi Bruce,

Yes, numbering is a pain in Word, especially multilevel list numbering, which is what you need to do here.

I could explain, but it's better when illustrated: Shauna covers it on her site:


Kind regards,
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