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Autocorrect features do not stay same in template

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Johnny Dollar

Mar 1, 2008, 9:15:50 PM3/1/08
I am using Word 2002

I make a template with no Autocorrect feature turned on
in it and save it, and test it by creating new
documents based on that template and see that every
feature of that template is carried over. So far so
good. But I come back two days later and use the same
template to create a new document and see that _ALL_
features of Autocorrect have mysteriously returned,
hence another five minutes of checking all those
checkmarks off. This has happened so many times and has
become a time wasting feature of Word for me.
How can I make a template containing _no_ Autocorrect
features and keep it so for all time? Thank you in
advance for your help.

Nobody else uses my computer!

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