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Dee Hardy

08.02.2004, 08:37:5808.02.04
Ok. I'm about at my wits end here. I installed Dragon
Naturally Speaking at home to do minutes from work. Right
after that I noticed the Enter key no longer works in any
word documents including my Outlook Express email and
Works or Notepad. I switched keyboards thinking that was
the problem but it wasn't. I uninstalled the Dragon and
it still does it. No files were left behind. I disabled
Word from Norton. I ran scan disk, Dr. whatever comes
with XP, Norton systemworks to check everything and fixed
whatever errors came up. Nothing. Each time I tried
something else, I immediately rebooted. Still happens but
only after I've been on Internet Explorer. The Enter Key
works fine BEFORE I go online but after that it stops
working. So I installed IE again but I'm still having the
problem. I'm clueless now. I also checked of course fro
any virus but I'm clean. Any help would be appreciated.

Dee Hardy

08.02.2004, 21:01:0008.02.04
If you happen to get a response via private email, would
you mind terribly passing it along to me as well? I've
been checking here frequently through the day but no
responses yet. Thanks! :-)

>-----Original Message-----
>I'm having the same problem. I'm interested to see if
anyone can answer this mystery.

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