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INFO: How to post a technical Q

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Sean Alexander (MS)

Apr 3, 2002, 6:01:41 PM4/3/02
While this is not an official support newsgroup, Kathy, Zach, Mike, Geoff,
myself and others from the Windows Media Player team take time out to try to
answer your questions and look at support issues whenever possible.

When you are having issues, please be sure to include as much information as
possible about your system. If your CD Burner is acting up, let us know the
make and model. If your PC was manufactured by a company like Dell or
others, let us know the make and model. If you think you've found a bug,
please try to give us the steps in order that you did when you encountered
the bug.

A few minutes looking this info up and typing it could be the difference
between being able to give you an easy fix or not being able to respond.
It's also helpful because if we see multiple issues with a particular PC
model, sound card etc, we can get that feedback to the manufacturer.

And remember, if your PC has smoke and flames coming out of it, unplug it
and call the fire department, then use a friends PC to post. :)

Sean Alexander
Lead Product Manager - Windows Media Player

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