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After hackers wipe Western Digital hard drives, WD hides from the problem

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Nomen Nescio

Jul 28, 2022, 11:35:06 PM7/28/22

June 28, 2021

Western Digital customers who had configured the company’s external
hard drives to be remotely accessible are waking up to find all their
data erased. WD has downplayed the problem, hiding its response in a
support update. Should WD be addressing the problem more visibly, or
is this a case of “buyer beware?”

According to Krebs on Security, some customers using WD’s “MyBook
Live” product found all their data mysteriously and unrecoverably
missing. The affected customers had used a feature to make their
drives remotely accessible through the Internet. WD had stopped
selling the vulnerable devices in 2014.

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