TD error 0x80070057 at end of build

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Gerard Cullen

Mar 3, 2003, 8:39:00 PM3/3/03
Hi all,

I have quite a lage image where I need to support many
languages (up to 15). I can happily build my image with
only 4 or 5 languages included, but when I add a couple of
extra languages I start getting the following error
(0x80070057) at the end of the build.

------------ SNIP ----------------------
R: CFDB: 0.08 secs, 1 reqs. LAB: 0.08 secs, 1 reqs, 0%
hits, 200 entries
R: Files: 21484, RegEdits: 18865, Fixups: 165430
R: Build complete, elapsed time: 7,742.28 seconds,
estimated run-time image size: 1,611.10MB / 2,237.64MB
R: No errors and 3 warnings

An internal error occurred while building the run-time
Code = 0x80070057
Description = The parameter is incorrect.

The 3 warning are because I have not released my
components, so I don't think that is an issue. I have
tried a number of different combinations of languages.
All languages do build successfully, it's only when a get
to 6 or 7 languages that the error starts to occur.

The image built seems to run OK, but my SLX gets corrupted
(I can't add or delete components properly). I have 512MB
of RAM and plently of free disk space in my build computer.

Any ideas? Thanks for you help.

Jon Fincher (MS)

Mar 4, 2003, 1:52:47 PM3/4/03
"Gerard Cullen" <> wrote in

This is a known issue which crops up when the estimated image size exceeds
2Gb. The error occurs after the build is completed, so the runtime is fine
to boot and test.

We are working on a fix for it.

--Jon, MS

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no

Gerard Cullen

Mar 4, 2003, 7:09:50 PM3/4/03

Thank for your help/advice.
It's always appreciated.



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