Computers reinstalling April updates?

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George Neuner

Apr 25, 2017, 10:25:14 PM4/25/17
Hi all,

I've now had 2 Win7 computers that exhibited the same weird behavior.

About a week after installing the April cumulative updates, at
shutdown a 32-bit Pentium displayed what seemed to be the same update
sequence again ... "configuring" to 30% just as it had done before.
Worried, I restarted the machine, and "configuring" continued to 100%,
but then hung there for a 1/2 hour. I restarted it a 2nd time, and it
said "please wait" for several minutes, and then "cleaning up ..." -
with continuous disk activity - for almost 20 minutes. Finally the
desktop appeared and since then it has behaved normally.

Today a 64-bit i5 did exactly the same thing. I didn't wait the 1/2
hour at 100% before rebooting the 2nd time, and the "cleaning up ..."
took only several minutes (probably owing to the faster CPU). After
that, a few test shutdowns behaved normally.

Both machines *appear* to be ok afterward, but WTF is going on? I
haven't seen any reports of this strange behavior in the web news. I
have 3 more Win7 machines and a Win10 machine ... should I expect them
all to do this?

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