Performance issues from many multiple connections???

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Jan 24, 2007, 4:25:34 PM1/24/07
Hello, I have searched high and low for some answers but cannot find

Here is the situation, we use an CRM type software, the company we
bought it from supports it and everything is ran thru a Remote Desktop
connection and the application is run from there. We have about 15
people connecting at any given time. We have lots of issues of the
program slowing down... Now my theory is that having that many remote
desktop connections running the same application on the box are causing
these slowdowns. Could this be the case?

I am trying to convince my boss that they should have a client on each
box and just DSN to the server's databases. He wants me to find any
information to back this up claim I have made.

So questions,

Is this an efficient way to run an application with so many
Could this be slowing down our network??
Could this potentially bring the server to it's knee's after time??
(The company suggestion is to reboot the server)
How many resources on a machine does it take for each connection??

Anything imformation you can point me to about this subject would be


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