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Alex K. Angelopoulos (MVP)

Jan 7, 2003, 1:11:40 PM1/7/03

I recently started looking closely at Terminal Services printing issues, since
this is the largest single problem area for admins. Please note that I haven't
had a lot of heavy time working with this; people that do day-to-day support for
TS environments rather than consulting As I do have a much better grasp on the
situations that occur. Nonetheless, I have got a general resources list that
may be helpful. It is still incomplete.

Here are the general resources for information I have found, and some very
simple tips on handling some printing problems. A good place to start is
usually the FAQ on the Terminal Services portal site:

Off-LAN Printing

If your users are going to be printing when not on the LAN, get the latest
version of the TS client. In fact, this version helps with on-LAN printing
issues as well; the newest client makes most printing issues simple by allowing
automatic redirection of printers within the TS session.

Remote Desktop Client download
This is the full Terminal Services client for all Win32 platforms, even though
it is on the Windows XP site. DO NOT install this on XP; it is preinstalled.
After install, you can also start it by going to
Start | Run
and typing "mstsc"

Redirection (Particularly for DOS apps running on TS)

The best all-around resource is still Claudio's paper:
"Terminal Services and the Printing Redirection Process"


There are some newsgroups particularly for printing issues:


Microsoft has several resources on printing topics. Below are a selection of th
e printer-related items from the Microsoft Support site:

Support WebCast: Microsoft Windows 2000 Print Servers and Drivers

Q157172 - How to Create Custom Forms in Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000;en-us;Q157172
(this will help with custom sizing)

Q313725 - HOW TO: Configure Printer Settings in Windows 2000 Server;en-us;Q313725
(generally useful)

Q305402 - HOW TO: Change Printing Preferences on Print Server for All
Connected Users;en-us;Q305402
(great if the printer is server-based)

Q186530 Printing to Local Printer on Tektronix Windows-Based Terminal;[LN];Q186530

Q192523 Print Screen Functionality Not Available on Terminalsrv Client;[LN];Q192523

Q214593 Terminal Server w Metaframe ICA Client Can't Autocreate Printer;[LN];Q214593

Q231616 INFO: Terminal Server Console-Directed Pop-Up Print Error Dialog Box

Q232559 Novell Print Banner Always Printed After Applying Service Pack 5;[LN];Q232559

Q238841 Local Printer Added to Terminal Services Session Using RDP;[LN];Q238841

Q243295 How to Print to Local Printer from a Terminal Server Client;[LN];Q243295

Q243552 How to Add a Redirected Client Printer Using Terminal Services;[LN];Q243552

Q243649 Unchecked Print Spooler Buffer May Expose System Vulnerability;[LN];Q243649

Q243942 Terminal Services Printer Redirection Not Signaled on Change;[LN];Q243942

Q244135 Too Many Printers Can Cause Unsuccessful Boot;[LN];Q244135

Q247574 Roaming Profiles and Internet Printing Are Incompatible;[LN];Q247574

Q253922 Users' Automatically Created Printers Visible to Other Users;[LN];Q253922

Q259937 Error Message: You Do Not Have Sufficient Access to Your Machine to
Connect to the Selected Printer;[LN];Q259937

Q261322 Stop 0x0000001E When You Print from Terminal Services Client;[LN];Q261322

Q263226 How to Add a Default Printer Using a Visual Basic Script;[LN];Q263226

Q264039 Windows 2000 Terminal Services Does Not Redirect Network Printer;[LN];Q264039

Q267896 Adobe .pdf Files Do Not Print in Terminal Services Session;[LN];Q267896

Q270005 OEM Print Drivers Are Overwritten by Microsoft Drivers That Use Terminal
Services Redirect Printing;[LN];Q270005

Q275495 Printer Redirection or Upgrade May Not Work;[LN];Q275495

Q275529 Help Information for Printmig.exe Version 2.0;[LN];Q275529

Q279343 "Stop 0x1E or ""Stop 0x50"" with Terminal Services Print Session";[LN];Q279343

Q282126 Redirecting LPT1 and then printing to PRN: from a TS Client session does
not work.;[LN];Q282126

Q286047 How to Print to a Local Network Printer in Terminal Services;[LN];Q286047

Q291251 Non-Default Printer Properties Are Not Reflected in a Terminal Services
Redirected Printer;[LN];Q291251

Q294429 Printer Redirection in Windows 2000 Terminal Services;[LN];Q294429

Q301330 Stop 0x0000001E Printing with HP DesignJet Printer Driver;[LN];Q301330

Q302361 Multifunction Printers That Use DOT4 Ports Are Not Redirected By Using
Remote Desktop;[LN];Q302361

Q305402 HOW TO: Change Printing Preferences on Print Server for All Connected

Q311870 Color Management Settings for Terminal Server Client
Automatically-Created Printer Are Not Persistent;[LN];Q311870

Q312135 Making Local Printer Available During Remote Desktop Connection;[LN];Q312135

Q313725 HOW TO: Configure Printer Settings in Windows 2000 Server;[LN];Q313725

Q313733 Spooled Files May Be Printed in an Incorrect Terminal Services Session;[LN];Q313733

Q318939 Session IDs Are Appended in the Name of Redirected Printers;[LN];Q318939

Q319894 Cannot Print to a File on a Terminal Services Server;[LN];Q319894

Q328020 Redirected Printing Through a Terminal Services Session May Not Work
with Windows 2000 SP3;[LN];Q328020

Please respond in the newsgroup so everyone may benefit.
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Jan 7, 2003, 5:35:16 PM1/7/03

This was from a case where printing was very slow. They used Win2k TS
and TCP/ip printing. Most of the steps can be used in generic
troubleshooting with other issues:

1. Recommend to remove any third party Print monitors. You can do so
via the
registry. (HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors)
Q260142. The default Print monitors are: BJ Language Monitor Local
Port PJL Language Monitor Standard TCP/IP Port USB Monitor

Any other keys should be backed up and then deleted. You also should
go ahead and re-name all the referenced dll files for the third party
monitors in the
System32.dll and the DLLCache directories.
After that re-boot monitor the system for delays.
Uncheck "advanced print options" for all printers

2. Questions are the best tool for any issue
If you print from notepad on a client, is it still slow?
If you print from notepad from the server, is it still slow?
What printers are you using, please list all of them? (Brand, Model,
Printer driver version) What client are you using? (OS, service pack)
How many physical disks are there in the server?
How has the raid been defined?
Are you running any antivirus software on the server?
How many users did you have using the print server so far and how many
users did you add over the last few days?
Can you pinpoint the problem printers, or are there too many printers
exhibiting the issue?
Can you possibly remove one of the problem printers from the server
and then
re-create it, using the most current drivers?
If you experience delays on one printer, can users still print to
other printers without delays? (This would eliminate a problem with
the spooler overall and point toward specific printers)
Can you record the printers causing the problem? (preferably by name,
who we can take a look at the drivers in use for the printers to see
any common
Are you sending all print jobs through the LPR port?
You shouldn't have to unless you are printing from Macintosh clients.
Find out what type of print jobs are done (any autocad or large
graphics?) Is the delay always happening from a specific client?

3. Make sure you are using the printers that are we know work on a TS.
here is an example from the HP web site. othewr vendors should have
the same thing!

Contact HP printer support if you are in doubt. They have information
about the ink jet printers...

4. Any Hp printer related issues should be adressed on the HP site. Check the Printer forum. The
people who sit there are experts on HP printers and they are very

5. refer to:
Q260142 How to Troubleshoot Windows 2000 Printing Problems;EN-US;Q260142

Q124734 Text of RFC1179 Standard for Windows TCP/IP Printing;EN-US;Q124734

Q141708 Printing to LPD Printer Is Slow or Fails with Windows;EN-US;Q141708

Q246868 TCP/IP Printing Options in Windows Standard Port Monitor;EN-US;Q246868

Q141708 Printing to LPD Printer Is Slow or Fails with Windows;EN-US;Q141708

Q179156 Updated TCP/IP Printing Options for Windows NT 4.0 SP3 and

Q163551 Troubleshooting Printing Problems in Windows;EN-US;Q163551

Q124735 How Windows NT LPD Server Implements LPR Control Characters;EN-US;Q124735

Q321839 HOW TO: Set Up Network Printing in Mixed Environments in

6. Know your enviroment

7. Make sure your Jetdirect cards are up to date with firmware.

8. This is a typical example of the answers from ITRC:,,0x9ac650dde50cd71190050090279cd0f9,00.html

Happy new year to everyone.

Keld Mex-Jorgensen

ps: The solution for the slow printing was to remove a third party
print monitor that was installed on their system.

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Alex K. Angelopoulos (MVP)

Jan 7, 2003, 8:39:17 PM1/7/03
That's a lot of useful stuff... I will be adding that to the list I have.

Please respond in the newsgroup so everyone may benefit.
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