WMEncoder Events not triggering in Windows 7 64bit

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Nov 15, 2009, 1:33:01 PM11/15/09
Hi There:

I'm in a state of pure panic!!!

I have an application that uses Windows Media Encoder and the BasicEdit
components (written in VB.NET on VS 2008). My application uses DirectX as
well so it has to be compiled for 32 bit. My 32 bit application runs
absolutely fine on Windows 7 64bit using an installed version Windows Media
Encoder 9 (32bit version). Except that:

1. The Encoder_OnAcquireCredentials and Encoder_OnError events do not
trigger any longer.

2. BasicEdit events do not trigger as well.

These problems do not occur on VISTA or XP.

It appears that the imported 32bit COM (ActiveX) object WMEncoderlib events
are being blocked or ignored Windows 7-64. Is there any way to use the 32 COM
objects and have Windows 7-64bit recoginize and call events. Am I hosed on

I have been able to trigger the OnAcquire by adding a EncoderApp object,
but this stops me from being able to use Encder PrePreview (display video in
a panel) contol. Major bummer!

If anyone has a suggestion of how I can get these events firing again I
would greatly appreciate it. A code snippet would be greatly appreciated.

My email is


Dec 4, 2014, 1:08:46 PM12/4/14
I know this POST is ancient, but I'm seeing the exact problem in code I inherited. Did you ever find an answer?
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