Windows Media Video 9 Screen codec

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Frank Franzoni

Aug 20, 2012, 11:20:58 AM8/20/12

I have written an application that uses the Windows Media Video 9 Screen
codec for converting a video consisting of many screen captures
(recorded in an proprietary format).

My application works for most of the screen capture files are available
to me.
But by some files the conversion fails with an access violation in the
IWMWriter.WriteSample call.
The access violation happens only on Win7 machines, on older XP machines
the same files work.
It is not always the same sample that causes the crash but it is in a
range from about 100 samples.
When I use the Windows Media Video 9 codec instead of the screen codec
the conversion of the faulty files works on Win7 machines.
Are there known issues with the Windows Media Video 9 Screen codec on
Win7 machines?

I have seen that the last entry in this group is from march, exists
another group for questions about the windows media format sdk?

Best Regards,
Frank Franzoni
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