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May 30, 2001, 7:16:53 AM5/30/01

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help with the following problem.

Every time I start my computer and Windows Me there is no problem at all.
After a while, however, I get the following dialogue box stating that:

pchschd has been closed and that I should restart my computer if the problem

Then I close the dialogue box and everything's fine again. It does not seem
to affect the computer or any application running on it. Nonetheless it is
annoying. I found the pchschd file in the following directory:

Could anyone explain to me what the problem is and how I can prevent this
annoying dialogue box from popping up?

Thanks in advance,

johan graus

Mike M

May 30, 2001, 8:22:57 AM5/30/01
$$$ Excessive crossposting to other NGs removed as this is a Me "problem" $$$

The best solution (personal view follows) is to remove the two references to
pchschd.exe so as to stop this application from launching. The entries being
PCHealth in MSConfig | Startup and in the Task Scheduler.

The purpose of these entries being to launch pchschd.exe which, if it finds the
system idle, then launches winmgmt.exe to collect configuration data. Whether
you require such data is your decision. In my case I do not. [See copy of
earlier post appended below].

What is somewhat more worrying though is why you are seeing this error. Without
a little more information such as the error message and details of any changes
you may have made to your default Me install there is little I can suggest.

*********** Copy of an earlier post follows *********
"Firstly the PCHealth scheduler in the Task Scheduler can be very easily
prevented from running by a) disabling the entry in the Task Scheduler and,
b) unchecking the entry in MSConfig | Startup. It is the Startup entry that
is restoring it to the Task Scheduler.

As for what the PCHealth Scheduler for Data Collection does, the following
might be of some help. The PCHealth Scheduler for Data Collection routine
(pchschd.exe) initiates the collection of information for use by Help &
Support's System Information's History view. This allows users to see
changes over a period of time to their system such as drivers. The details
collected are contained in the files CollectedData???.xml files in the
folder ..\windows\pchealth\helpctr\DataColl.

Pchschd.exe is set to run every 10 minutes but actually does little and has
virtually no impact on the running of the system. This program simply
checks when run to see if your system is currently idle, if not it then
simply checks again in 10 minutes. If however the system is idle and has
been for the last few minutes it launches winmgmt.exe which collects details
of the current system configuration after which pchschd is set to check
again in six hours. There have been a number of reports of winmgmt..exe not
exiting when it has completed the collection of data and even cases where it
has consumed all available cpu cycles. In such cases it can and should be
terminated via the Task Manager.

If you have no use for such data there is no impact on the OS by disabling
both the entry for PCHealth in both MSConfig | Startup and the Task

Mike Maltby

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