Downloading a Game to Tablet, "Access to WiFi Information" Permission

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Jan 29, 2017, 2:32:29 PM1/29/17

I recently received a tablet computer as a gift. I never had one before.
Note: I have desktop and laptop computers.

I went to Google's games store and downloaded a few games (FREE, but with
Ads). One of the games required, "Access to WiFi Information" and a few
others. If I clicked on "Accept" (give permission), then I could download
and install the game. I aborted (did not give permission) downloading that
particular game since I do not know what WiFi information "it" wants.

I assume it was not my SSID and encryption code type, plus password.

Does anyone know what WiFi information the game source wants?

Thank You in advance, John

PS, Other games wanted the same information.

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