Link Sharepoint/Companyweb to Outlook? (SBS2003)

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Ken St. John

Apr 16, 2004, 8:49:15 PM4/16/04
Have a client who is interested in using the Sharepoint Centralized Calendar
function for scheduling meetings and events for the entire office. But,
they need to also "sync" the various events to each individual's personal
Calendar in their Outlook 2003 folder. I checked HELP in Outlook and there
is a reference on how to do this ... says to click on the "Link to Calendar"
link on the Sharepoint site ... but I don't see that link on the Sharepoint
site under Actions.

I do understand that these Appointments/Events cannot be edited within
Outlook, only on the Sharepoint site. That's OK. The main thing that we
need to accomplish is getting these centralized managed appointments onto
the individual's Outlook calendar automatically so they can use Active Sync
on the desktops to get them to their Pocket PCs and Smartphones!!

Can someone help out a bit?



Chad A. Gross [SBS MVP]

Apr 16, 2004, 10:37:07 PM4/16/04
Hi Ken,

TTBOMK, you cannot sync a Sharepoint calendar with a user's calendar. When
you link a Sharepoint calendar to Outlook, the Sharepoint calendar simply
shows up as a second calendar - it does not sync with their user calendar .
. . As for finding the button - if you look at the default Vacation
calendar that Sharepoint creates, the 'Link to Outlook' button should be
right next to the "New Item" button right above the calendar itself . . .

Now, I haven't played with Sharepoint too much, so I could be wrong about
the linking capabilities . . .


Chad A. Gross - SBS MVP

Ken St. John

Apr 17, 2004, 10:33:25 AM4/17/04

Thanks so much ... Even having them side-by-side may do the trick. I'll
investigate further. I've thought since the beta that Sharepoint is a great
unknown and am finding out more as time goes by. Really a usefull tool once
you get the hang of it!!

I also figured out why I could not find the "Link to Outlook" button ... I
kept looking at Sharepoint on the client's server itself, and the button is
not there. But, when I log onto the Companyweb via a user's machine it is
... thanks for telling me where to look!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!


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